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Fitness is for everyone. Our training incorporates varied functiontional movements for every day well being. From Crossfit to Weightlifting and Powerlifting

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Matthew Hurn WB

Movement in all areas

movement crew crossfit

We are an Official Crossfit Affiliate. Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to make you better at living.


movement crew lifting

Our specialised Weightlifting and Powerlifting crew provides the coaching and training that you need to improve your lifting.


movement crew hitt

Fitness for everyone. Our training incorporates constantly varied functional movements executed at a relatively high intensity.



We hold competitions throughout the year for Weightlifting. Register and test the strength and skill you've learned by training with us.

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Foundations Program

In the program, we make sure our members are well educated and equipped to get the most out of each workout, and to minimise injury.

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High School Fitness

Program designed for High School attendees that do school sports in season and off as well as scholars that are not involved in sports.

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Ladies Only Classes

We realise that ladies sometimes need just that little something different.

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Personal Training

Fulfill your fitness objectives with Personal Trainer. A personal trainer is involved in exercise prescription and instruction.

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Rehabilitation restores and enhances the ability of people with physical impairments sustained by injuries.

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We're all about movement


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At Movement Crew we believe that good movement is the cornerstone of fitness and that everyone has the right to their movement. 

Something that has been lost since childhood for so many.  We believe in giving movement back to those who want to have full function of their bodies or to push those with function to new heights that they might have never thought possible. Improving life through functional movement is what we are all about.

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